Landmark Engineering Co.

Civil Engineers - Land Surveyors

About Us:

Established in 1994, Landmark Engineering Co. (LME) has been providing clients with Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services on hundreds of projects throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Through service to architectural firms, developers, hospitals, universities, state, county, and municipal governments, and more Landmark has shown its dedication to developing strong, well-built communities. 

Our Services

Landmark Engineering offers a wide variety of professional services to our private and municipal clients.

Civil Engineering

The design of reliable infrastructure through innovative, fiscally responsible, project based solutions.

Land Surveying

Versatile survey services that meet the needs of public and private clients. Record to field diligence with an emphasis on accuracy.

Land Development

An array of land development services that allow for the strategic planning of creative and cost-effective design projects.

Construction Engineering

Support services during the construction project to assure well-built and conforming projects


Civil Engineering - Land Development

Landmark provides a range of design services for civil engineering projects. Those services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our private and municipal clients. We strive to respect the vision of our clients through creativity, innovation, and fiscal responsibility.


Land Surveying

Our Surveying department offers all necessary survey services realted to the purchase, design, and construction of public and private properties. Our field staff members are expereinced, knowledgeable, and professional personal who utilize the latest in modern equipment and data collection.


Each Project is unique. Reach out to us for questions or to discuss your project’s needs.